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Who am I? One could say I’m the RJB of this whole thing. That’s because literally, that’s my name, Ryan J Berry. I’m a filmmaker from New Hampshire who grew obsessed with making films from a young age. As I got older, I got myself an education at Toronto Film School to turn passion into a career. After I graduated in 2016 I created film festival worthy short films and soon I fell in love when I got my first Super 8 camera.

Between the curves of the camera and unique look and feel of the images, I knew me and her could work together to make something special. My goal is to spread my love of film and show everyone just how magical it can be. In a digital world, let me take you back in time. Film is very much not dead and I intend to prove that.

Me just around the river bend. Shot on 35mm

Me just around the river bend. Shot on 35mm


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Ryan J Berry


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